March 24, 2010

Party Poker Babes 10 the Hottest

Meet the prettiest women who at the same time are able to play a really tough game of poker. Such a list can never be complete; there’s just too many handsome and competent women out there. Nevertheless, here’s my attempt in the Poker Babes genre

10. Lacey Jones

Lacey Jones has a unique way of looking both wonderfully feminine and really resourceful at the same time.
She probably came onto the poker scene primarily for her stunning beauty, but soon proved to be so much more than a face.
Such as a decent poker player and competent reporter.

9. Clonie Gowen

Fantastic face and fantastic smile. A mop of hair that most women would kill for. Poker skills that most men would kill (her) for.
Regardless of personal taste and preferences, I think everybody, both men and women, will agree that Clonie Gowen is one of the prettiest women in poker.
At the same time she’s one of the very best female players around. All things considered, no one could compete with her about this first place.

8. Jennifer Harman

Attractive and sympathetic and with over two million dollars in total tournament winnings, Jennifer Harman would be a target for every grinder with marriage designs if it wasn’t for the fact that she’s already annoyingly happy in her marriage.
Jennifer Harman is part of an extremely select hard-core group of ultra-high stakes Las Vegas poker pros including no lesser legends than Doyle Brunson and Ted Forrest.
She was part of “The Corporation” that collectively took on banker Andy Beal in that legendary nosebleed stakes headsup match some years back.

7. Annie Duke

Annie Duke may not have the kind of symmetrical constitution that repeatedly puts her in this kind of list, but in my book Annie is a wonderful woman who’s both cute and shockingly smart.
Plus highly competent when it comes to poker, which goes without saying. With more than $3.5 million in tournament winnings she’s number two on the Women’s All Time List, after Kathy Liebert.
Some people may object to her pertinacious personality (obviously without knowing her in person), but I appreciate the “no fold” style of hers
I won’t even humiliate Annie by telling you who’s sister she is. In my book he’s her brother, not the other way around.

6. Evelyn Ng

With her wonderful personality, her fresh smile plus a really strong poker resume ($350K in tournament winnings), Evelyn Ng must be on a list of poker babes.
She’s also a genuine genius when it comes to Guitar Hero, which is an irresistible character trait according to this grader.
By the way, the photo of a male opponent looking for tells in Evelyn’s cleavage is pretty hilarious. I’ll see if I can hunt it down. Where’s Google when you really need it

5. Isabelle Mercier

Personally I felt a bit sad when Canadian poker whiz Isabelle “No Mercy” Mercier’s changed her image from esoteric brunette to blond bombshell.
But still, Isabelle is a hell of a lady who’s made a genuine contribution to poker (especially in France), has won more than $800,000 and is a feared opponent at any table.

4. Tiffany Michelle

Tiffany Michelle went really deep in the 2008 WSOP Main Event. An obviously good-looking, dark beauty with a classical American face if you want.
Actress and singer/songwriter with well-proven poker skills, currently involved in the 15th season of The Amazing Race in team with Maria Ho.

3. Michele Lewis

As if being a “mother, writer and poker player” wasn’t impressive enough, Michele Lewis is also a good looking lady if there ever was one.
She’s a really competent poker player too, with four cashes in the WSOP and more than $80,000 in tournament winnings

2. Almira Skripchenko

Franco-Russian chess master Almira Skripchenko may be a dark horse in this context. That is, since she’s pretty new in poker. I’m not questioning her beauty.
However, with total tournament winnings over $200K, most of which came in the last twelve months, she’s not exactly a one-outer to remain in the searchlight of poker fame for a foreseeable future either

1. Shannon Elisabeth

Shannon Elizabeth is one of the most “forthcoming” poker babes, meaning she doesn’t mind taking off most of her clothes in front of the camera.
Apart from that, she’s also made some good money off the big live events with total tournament winnings of almost $140,000.
Before going into the “poker celebrity business”, Shannon Elizabeth was a fashion model and actress, best known from her role in American Pie (1999)

February 22, 2010

Bad Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Bad plastic surgery happens when someone feels pressure to look good and they have more money than brains. Which pretty much describes the majority of celebrities out there.

Boob Job, Stomach Lipo, Face Work, Skin Lightened, Breast implants, Augmentation, face work, skin lightened, Facelift,  nose jobs, face lifts

Some of the following don’t quite look like human beings anymore, which would be tragic (this is voluntary! they didn’t have to look like this) if it weren’t so stupid. Most of these people were genetically blessed to begin with, which makes you wonder why they would risk their good looks just to hold off from aging a tiny bit longer. And many of the younger celebs on this list have absolutely no excuse at all, as good diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle would have fixed most of any flaws they felt they had.

Here are the worst celebrity plastic surgery disasters we could dig up, some of which are pretty damn horrifying:

Tara Reid

Surgery botched: Boob Job and Stomach Lipo

Bad plastic surgery

Lil Kim
Surgery botched: Boobs, face work, skin lightened

Bad plastic surgery

Janet Jackson
Surgery botched: Breast Implants

Bad plastic surgery

Kenny Rogers
Surgery botched: Facelift

Bad plastic surgery

Victoria Beckham
Surgery botched: Breast Implants

Bad plastic surgery

Donatella Versace
Surgery botched: Lips, facelift

Bad plastic surgery

Vivica Fox
Surgery botched: Breast Implants

Bad plastic surgery

Jocelyn Wildenstein
Surgery botched: Everything she has attempted has apparently turned out terribly

Bad plastic surgery

Michael Jackson
Surgery botched: Skin lightening, nose jobs, face lifts, etc. etc. etc.

Bad plastic surgery

April 2, 2008

Hot babes - Hottest PETA Babes

You gotta admit, you'd eat some of the meat pictured on this page though, wouldn't you?

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes would find her way onto any list of Five Hottest Things For Which It Could Possibly Be Argued That Eva Mendes Qualifies. In fact, even if she hadn't posed for the above picture, I'd still have been tempted to add her to the list just because it would have felt incomplete otherwise. Also, to her credit, Ms. Mendes recently managed to do something that no other Hollywood starlet in recent years has managed to pull off: she checked into rehab with dignity.

Imogen Bailey

For a country tilled in the blood of prisoners, Australia has managed to produce an astounding amount of hot women, of which Imogen Bailey is almost certainly the hottest one named Imogen. Possibly the hottest overall, too, as is clearly exhibited by her anti-fur ad. She's so hot, it almost makes me want to take off my bunny-fur coat and think about replacing my bunny-fur carpeting, seat covers, window shades, toupee and book bindings. Almost.

Maggie Q

Maggie Q is best known for being the young-looking chick of ambiguous ethnicity who, when you see her, you can't quite place where you've seen her before, but you want to go back to that place and see her again. That place was most likely either Mission Impossible III or Live Free and Die Hard. She also gains points for naming herself after the gadget guy from James Bond. Nah, her last name used to be Quigley. See? She still made the right choice.

Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa, or "The Krupster" as she's known to her many friends and lovers (let's start that pointless rumor), is extremely... talented. She also has the distinction of being probably the most naked anybody has ever been for a PETA photo shoot. Generally people have a prop of some sort. A top hat, a cane. A bottle of water. An embarrassed glare. Or maybe their entire body isn't visible. Something. Not Joanna. She's got shoes and a necklace, which is all a true lady ever really needs.

Dominique Swain

In her role in Face-Off, Swain jams a butterfly knife into someone's leg. In her role in this PETA ad, Swain jams the once totally separate fields of pro-animal rights advertising and child pornography together in an unholy union of guilty hotness. Why is the totally-legal-I-swear Swain playing Lolita in an ad which hopes to prevent animal cruelty? Well, she did play Lolita in a made for TV movie first, but I prefer to think it's because I had a dream in which I commanded it.

Let's not split hairs: we eat meat. We enjoy eating meat. We will never stop eating meat. But if we were to stop eating meat, we probably couldn't have a better reason than one of these ladies.

March 22, 2008

Hot babe - Top ten FHM honeys

Hot babe - Top ten FHM honeys

High Street Honeys 2007-2008

Brooke Bond
Age: 23
Ocupation: Student
Lives: London
An FHM front cover, a better flat… Brooke Bond (yes, real name) knows what she wants. She’s also aware that to get it – orate in the style of Lord Kitchener – she needs you. “It’s hard to break the modelling world without taking your clothes off,” she pleads convincingly. “Winning Honeys would give me a jump start.”

Tricia Passam
Age: 23
Ocupation: Photographic Assistant
Lives: Teesside
Bend, smile, pout… for someone who, by virtue of her job as a photographic assistant, is supposedly more at home behind the lens, Tricia Passam seems remarkably confident flouncing around in front of it. FHM smells an extra-curricular rat. “You’ve got me,” smiles Tricia. “My boyfriend has shot me recently. You should thank him. Without him I wouldn’t have had the confidence to enter, let alone pose.” Grudging thanks, indeed.

Clair Meek
Age: 19
Ocupation: Student
Lives: Ayrshire
“I’m a tomboy. I like football and music.” Clair Meek is talking and FHM is listening. Actually, all we’re getting is “blah, blah, blah”. A lack of focus brought on by God’s gifts to Clair that are, in turn, Clair’s 28G gifts to mankind. And… actually, forget professionalism. Just talk us though them: “They run in the family,” shrugs Clair, an action that takes some effort. “I was the wee, flat-chested one. Then I turned 16 and they were there. All the boys were like: ‘Holy shit!’”

Katie Green
Age: 19
Ocupation: Sales Assistant
Lives: West Sussex
Those who perused the Honeys videos will be aware of Katie “erotic, exotic and a little psychotic” Green. Those who didn’t will be soon. Katie’s 20, she comes from Chichester – home to reigning Honey Charlotte McKenna. And she hates shoplifters: “I work in New Look – and one day saw this lady walk off with a coat,” recalls Katie. “So I ran after her and rugby tackled her to the floor.”

Laura Perry
Age: 26
Ocupation: Accounts Manager
Lives: Essex
Something strange is afoot.
The laugh is present – a hearty county cackle – and so is the fake tan. But the highlights, the low IQ and the penchant for shagging in Escorts are absent. Laura Perry is like no Essex girl we’ve encountered previously. “Thanks,” she smiles. “Really, thanks. I never believed I was good enough to model before Honeys. Now, if I win, I’ll pursue it. So, if you want to see more, get voting.”

Lindsey Cole
Age: 19
Ocupation: Events Co-ordinator
Lives: Cheshire
A pretty face and smokin’ torso aren’t enough to win High Street Honeys. You also need to be a savvy self-publicist. Step forward Lindsey Cole. “I’m doing events management,” smiles Lindsay. “It helped my campaign a lot. I put on club nights and got myself in newspapers. If I win, I’ll juggle the two careers.” Tough, but Lindsey does have form: she maintains 2,150 Facebook friendships. “It’s ridiculous,” laughs the Manc. “A Greek man said he’d marry me if I flew over. I politely told him where to go.”

Lisa Helen Ralph
Age: 22
Ocupation: Customer Service Assistant
Lives: Bath
This year’s Cinderella story is… Lisa-Helen Ralph. By day she guides tourists around Bath’s fashion museum. By night she sits in her room “dreaming of modelling the clothes I describe”. That dream is yours to make or break. But one thing’s for sure: it could also be a nightmare. “I’m under a Honey hex,” she grins. “I got the Top 100 call while running away from a cockroach, and I read the Top 10 letter while being sick.”

Sharlotte Joy
Age: 24
Ocupation: Beauty Consultant
Lives: Hampshire
“Even if I don’t win, Honeys has helped me,” muses Charlotte Joy. “I saw my hair on and was horrified. I had to change back.” So she’s turned back to blonde from brunette – from seriousness back to fun. “I love it,” grins Joy. “I can’t wait to show it off.” Good news for Portsmouth’s male population indeed, although they won’t get to see Charlotte’s ‘party trick’: applying lipstick with her cleavage. “That,” she winks, “was just for FHM.”

Amy Gould
Age: 20
Ocupation: Equestrian Trainer
Lives: Ayrshire
Five Honey contests held. Five English belles crowned. But, maybe, just maybe, this year, the Sassenach hegemony will end. For an army is swelling north of the border. An army whose cavalry is commanded by a “horse-loving country bumpkin” (read: she lives on a farm, has a rock-hard backside and owns whips). Meet Amy Gould. “C’mon the Scots,” she giggles. “Leon won X-Factor, Gordon Brown is Prime Minister. It’s time for a Scottish Honey.”

Bethany New
Age: 19
Ocupation: Administrator
Lives: Hampshire
What do you call a Honey who was named after a Kiss song, attends Hell’s Angels festivals and seeks boys who are “smelly and hairy”? You call her Bethany New. “I’m an attractive grunger,” reveals Farnborough’s finest. “I’m alternative, but I don’t stray too far, because I want to be accepted for who I am – a pretty girl with a refreshing attitude.”

FHM's Top 10 Girls Of 2008

March 3, 2008

Hot babe - Sexy stars burn up the beach

Hot babe - Sexy stars burn up the beach
From Australia to Jamaica, these stars are burning up, cooling off.

Songstress Christina Milian showed off her washboard abs while taking a dip in the waters off Miami at the end of 2007. Looks like she's gearing up to make a splash again on the music scene after getting dropped from Def Jam records in 2006. While she took a recent foray into film, the Internet's abuzz with news of a new record deal with the MySpace music label.

Reality TV star and former Paris buddy Kim Kardashian went from the Sundance slopes to the Miami beaches, with a stop at home in Los Angeles, all in one week. Kim, left, soaked up rays with her sister Kourtney -- they both star in "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" -- on Jan. 23, 2008, after strolling the streets at the Sundance Film Festival with boyfriend Reggie Bush earlier in the week. It looks like Kim is keeping up with the different climates quite well.

New loves, but old friends, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, enjoyed their holidays on the island of Fernando de Noronha, Brazil. They first starred together in "Jamon, Jamon" in 1992, and the couple began making off-screen magic together in the fall of 2007.

Real estate mogul-in-the-making Ivanka Trump may stand by her dad's side when it comes to business matters, but her vacation time is a different matter. Trump, who joined her father on his hit reality show, in addition to her real-life role in his business dealings, got the royal treatment from boyfriend Jared Kushner on the beaches of St.

Real estate mogul-in-the-making Ivanka Trump may stand by her dad's side when it comes to business matters, but her vacation time is a different matter. Trump, who joined her father on his hit reality show, in addition to her real-life role in his business dealings, got the royal treatment from boyfriend Jared Kushner on the beaches of St.

Soccer star David Beckham may be in Hawaii for "work" -- he's playing in the Trans-Pacific soccer tournament -- but that doesn't mean he doesn't have some free time to enjoy the scenery. Beckham waded in the Hawaiian waters, showing off his toned upper body and a new tattoo on his left forearm Feb. 20.

Actress Liv Tyler is the latest star saying aloha to the 50th state, even though the New York resident has a bit farther to travel than her Hollywood counterparts. Tyler and her husband Royston Langdon were spotted making a splash in Hawaii, Jan. 17, 2008. Tyler, who recently voiced her concern that her son Milo was growing up under the glare of paparazzi cameras, may be considering a move to a warmer climate.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo prepares for the NFL playoffs with a little lovin' from his new girlfriend, singer Jessica Simpson. Like many A-list stars this season, the pair opted for a little heat during the holidays with friends and family. Simpson is pictured here standing next to Romo's teammate Jason Whitten in Los Cabos, Mexico.